Our Story

Working in professional kitchens for twenty plus years, has given me the experience of working with different flavors and creating unique recipes.  During that time I have created my own barbeque sauce and, I had become captivated with chili peppers and creating recipes using them.  One of the combinations I discovered was matching chili peppers with fresh Florida fruit.  Playing around with these combinations, I began to create pepper sauces and also tried combining chili peppers and fruit with my barbeque sauce.  Receiving positive feedback on these sauces I decided it was time to put them on the market.

On October 1, 2014 I began the task of building a company to sell these sauces to the public, and Red Fishberger was born.  The company will start off with our two inaugural sauces; the Smokin’ Orange Barbeque and the Fiery Mango and, as business grows there will be more sauces coming from different combinations of chili peppers and fresh Florida fruits.