Posted by Alexander Fisher on Jun 04, 2016 under

Coming up on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June you will be able to visit us at at the Florida Festival of Flavor and Fire at Lakeland Civic Center.  Come and try our sauces and enjoy the festivities that will be going on.

Also, we are now on the shelves of the Keystone Farmers Market in Odessa and, the Interbay Meat Market in Tampa.  We are making a journey around the Bay Area to make it convient for our home area to purchase our sauces. 

We have many things in the works right now to expand beyond our wonderful Bay, so more of you have easy access to our sauces.  We are also

getting ready to start publishing some recipes for all of you to try at home.  Below is a list of the current stores we are located in.  (This list will be growing)

Thank you all for your continued support.

Alexander J. Fisher


Nature's Food Patch

Grate Grills and More

Joe's Produce and Deli

Pasadena Produce and Deli

Keystone Farmer's Market

Interbay Meat Market