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Creativity fuels our world. It fuels each one of us to get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, “Today’s another day to do what I love.” Some people have a passion for music. Some, a passion for math. Your passion for cooking brought you here for a recipe contest, and we at Red Fishberger are glad to make your acquaintance!

You thrive on creation. Not the type of creation that stays static in an unchanging environment (think paintings and sculptures), but the creation of interactive and edible gourmet meals. Your creations leave people wanting more and often define an experience in someone’s life. It may manifest into a daily routine for them where they continually use your product. That person may always go to your shop for breakfast. Whatever it may be, it was because of your innovation and drive to produce fresh and awesome food.

We at Red Fishberger take to heart the words above: innovation, fresh and food. We want to share that experience with those who use our product and give something back to those who contribute to our overall goal. Our recipe contest is a way for us to grow as a business by interacting and witnessing the awesome culinary talent in Florida, and we hope you find this to be a rewarding and fun experience!

To enter the recipe contest:

Develop a recipe using one of our signature sauces. There will be two categories: Fiery Mango and Orange BBQ.

Submit an email to that states your first/last name and address.

Attach a picture of the recipe next to one of our bottles of sauce to that email.

Attach a text document explaining what is in your recipe (this can be placed in the body of the email).

Recipes will be graded and a winner will be selected on Nov. 15.

The prize is an assortment of grilling accessories such as premier knives and spatulas as well as a month free supply of our signature sauce (your choice of which).