BBQ Pulled Pork Creations



1 pork butt, pulled. (This can be however you would normally cook a pork butt, whether in your crockpot or in the smoker.)


Option 1: Pimento + Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese

Add Smokin’ Orange BBQ Sauce to your pulled pork. Pile high on thick bread (Sweet Hawaiian pairs nicely with this), white or sharp cheddar cheese and a generous helping of creamy Pimento cheese. Grill as you would grilled cheese (with plenty of butter!) and prepare for the most delicious sandwich you’ve ever had!


Option 2: Add Smokin’ Orange BBQ Sauce to your pulled pork. Use for a delish twist on your typical tacos. Add crunchy veggies, fruity salsa (pineapple and mango pair beautifully with this BBQ sauce) and make any day “Taco-Tuesday”!