Spicy Mango Quinoa



1 cup tri-color quinoa (or whichever type you like)

2 cups chicken stock


Juice of 2 limes

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup roasted / salted cashews, crushed

1 cup sugar snap peas, slivered vertically

1 cup sliced sweet peppers

2 ripe mangos, chu...

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Sticky Orange Molasses BBQ Oven Baked Ribs



1 rack of St. Louis Pork Ribs


BBQ Sauce Mixture:

1 1/2 cups Smokin’Orange BBQ Sauce

1/2 cup molasses

1/4 cup pineapple juice

1 tbsp. minced garlic

1/2 tsp. salt



Preheat your oven to 225*. Season your ribs w...

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Zesty Orange BBQ Shrimp



1 lb. XL peeled & deveined shrimp

1 cup of Smokin’Orange BBQ sauce

1/2 tbsp. whole grain mustard

1 tbsp. real maple syrup

1 clove minced garlic

1 tbsp. lime juice

1 tbsp. orange juice




Mix ingredients above to amp up your BBQ ...

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Asian BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatballs



1 pound ground beef (80/20)

1/2 pound ground pork

1 tsp. Salt

1 tsp. Pepper

1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp. minced garlic

1/2 cup seasoned panko

3 tbsp. Smokin’Orange BBQ Sauce

1 egg


1 package of baco...

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BBQ Pulled Pork Creations



1 pork butt, pulled. (This can be however you would normally cook a pork butt, whether in your crockpot or in the smoker.)


Option 1: Pimento + Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese

Add Smokin’ Orange BBQ Sauce to your pulled pork. Pile high on thick bread ...

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Mango Pepper Chimichurri:



2 cups packed fresh Italian parsley leaves

6-8 medium garlic cloves, peeled and smashed

1/2 cup packed fresh oregano leaves (or 5 tsp dried oregano)

1/4 cup packed fresh cilantro

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 tsp. red pepper flakes (more if you like ...

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Tropical BBQ Chicken Naan Pizzas



Naan bread (you can find it in your local grocer; for instance- in Publix, it is back by the deli counter; I prefer using the Garlic Naan)

Chicken thighs [Use your favorite rub to season and baste with Smokin’Orange BBQ Sauce 10 minutes before...

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Crispy Asian Chicken Wonton Tacos   Created by Chef Sara Burnham


1 lb. ground chicken

1 tbsp. soy sauce

2 tbsp. Teriyaki sauce

1 tbsp. ginger dressing

2 tbsp. Fiery Mango Pepper Sauce


Asian Chopped Salad (prepared kit in your grocery store, or you can make y...

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